How his Education Affected the Revolution

Hawaii Chinese News


How The Education Dr. Sun Yet-sen Received in Hawaii Greatly Affected the Outcome of China’s Revolution
Hawaii Chinese News, July 15, 2005, Page 11
Translated by Dr. Tian Chenshan and edited by Yen Chun

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The Ninth East-West Philosophers Conference was held on May 29 to June 10, 2005 at the Imin International Conference Center, East-West Center, Hawaii. The theme was “Education and its Purposes: Philosophical Dialogues Between Cultures”. Some 200 philosophy experts and scholars from all over the world gathered and delivered to the audience about a hundred academic papers. Professor Tu Weiming, an authoritative figure in the field of philosophy also attended the conference.

During the conference period, the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation held an evening panel discussion at 7:00p.m, June 1, 2005. Sigfried Ramler of the East-West Center; Hao Ping, the Vice-President of Peking University; and Al Castle of the Castle Foundation delivered speeches on the education Dr. Sun received in Hawaii and how it was instrumental in China’s revolution process.

Before the evening conference, President Steven Ai expressed appreciation to many volunteers for their support. For example, he praised Raymond Lum and Yansheng Ma Lum’s for helping to sell their English and Chinese versions of Dr. Sun Yet-sen in Hawaii: Activities and Supporters as fundraising support, and he also thanked Blossom Tyau’s for helping decorate the reception area. Many descendants of revolutionary martyrs brought family collections related to the revolution for display. The materials included photos, bonds, correspondence and award certificates.

According to Yen Chun, many Board of Directors of the Dr. Sun Yet-sen Hawaii Foundation are the descendants of Dr. Sun Yet-sen’s revolutionary comrades. For example, Carolyn Luke (Lu Hui Jun), wife of Warren Luke, Chairman of the Board of Hawaiian National Bank, is granddaughter of Lu Can, nephew of Lu Haodong; Steven Ai (Zhong Gaungming) is CK Ai’s (Zhong Gongyu) grandson; and Yen Chun’s father is brother-in-law of Sun Fo’s (Sun Ke), son of Dr. Sun Yet-sen.

Other attendants to the reception were academic specialists and scholars; among them were Hao Ping, Vice-President of Peking University, Professor Daniel Kwok of the History Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Professor Cheng Chung-ying of the Hong Kong Chinese University and the Philosophy Department, UH, and Professor Tu Weiming of the Philosophy Department, Harvard University.

Note: Members of the Board of Directors of the Dr. Sun Yet-sen Hawaii Foundation are:

  • Chairman: Warren Luke (Lu Guanqi)
  • President: Steven Ai (Zhong Guangming)
  • Vice President: Yen Chun (Chen Yan)
  • Vice President: Frank Damon
  • Vice President/Treasurer: Kenneth Chong
  • Executive Vice President: Robert Lees
  • Secretary: Joanne Tachibana
  • Directors: Leigh-Wai Doo, Stanley W. Hong, Carolyn Luke, Charlotte Vick, and Lucian Wong

Dr. Sun Yet-sen Hawaii Foundation was founded in 1997 as a registered non-profit organization. It received donations from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and other supporters. Its mission includes doing research, recording, and displaying Dr. Sun Yet-sen’s connections with Hawaii. They also endeavor to showcase the role people in Hawaii play in helping to build a new modern China.

Photo (Left Center): all the descendants of Dr. Sun’s supporters.

Photo Captions (from left):

  1. Steven Ai (Zhong Guangming), his mother Lani Ai and friend Miss Guo. Steven Ai is currently Chairman of the Board of City Mill. His grandfather C.K. Ai (Zhong Gongyu) was Dr. Sun Yet-sen’s classmate at Iolani School and assisted Dr. Sun financially in his revolution work.
  2. Lu Haodong was Lu Can’s uncle and gave his life during the First Guangzhou Revolutionary Uprising. In this picture, Lu Huijun, Carolyn Luke (middle), is the granddaughter of Lu Can; her husband Warren Luke (Lu Guanqi), Chairman of the Board of Hawaii National Bank (left), and Yen Chun (right).
  3. Professor Tu Wei-ming, Chair of the Philosophy Department, Harvard University and a Sinologist expert (right) is happy to see his old friend Professor Daniel Kwok of the History Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa (left).