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Sun Yat-sen - His Hawaii Roots

Sun Yat-sen Chinese Heritage Festival In Lahaina

November 10, 2017

Lahaina honors the life and achievements of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, known as The Father of Modern China, and the town's Chinese heritage during this annual festival at Wo Hing Museum and Cookhouse on Front Street. Enjoy a film tribute and historical displays depicting the Sun family connection from Maui to China (available all day). Try Chinese martial arts on the lawn, or cultural art activities like calligraphy, knot tying and paper cutting. Attend a presentation in the old Cookhouse on the significance of Dr. Sun's work and Lahaina's Chinese roots. Listen to traditional music performed on the bamboo flute and gu zheng harp and sample Chinese teas in the garden. Watch a slideshow of Plantation era images on a large screen. FREE admission.



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Sun Yat-sen family tree

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Sun Yat-Sen in Hawaii
Activities and Supporters

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The Sun Yut-sen I knew
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Financing Revolution: Sun Yat-sen and the Overthrow of the Chi'ing Dynasty
by Allen F. Damon

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