Events in Hawaii in Dr. Sun’s Era

Events in Hawaii in Dr. Sun’s Era: 1863-91


King Kamehameha V r. 1863-72

1867 St. Andrew’s Cathedral Founded

1867 Punahou School Admits First Chinese Student

1868 Frist Japanese Laborers Arive

King William Lunalilo r. 1873-74

King David Kalakaua r. 1874-91


Kalakaua in Japan


(Courtesy of the Hawai`i State Archives)

Group Photo of Kalakaua in Japan

“Kalakaua met with Japanese officials during his 1881 world tour. From left to right, back: C.N. Judd, chamberlain; Tokuno Riyosuki, first secretary of the Finance Department; William Armstrong, Hawaii Commissioner of Immigration; front: Prince Yoshiaki; Kalakaua; Sano (?) Tsunetami, Minister of the Finance Department.”


Street Decor in Honolulu, 1881


(Courtesy of Hawai`i State Archives)

Photo of Street Decor in Honolulu, 1881 “Chinese merchants contributed to street decorations to welcome the king’s return from a world tour. Dr. Sun was a student in Honolulu at the time.”


Iolani Palace, 1998

(Courtesy of L. Pang Photo)

“King Kalakaua constructed his palace from 1879 to late 1882 and held his coronation ceremony there on February 12, 1883. The period coincided with Dr. Sun’s school years in Honolulu.”


Queen Liliuokalani r. 1891-95


(Courtesy of L. Pang Photo)

Photo of Washington Place, Queen’s residence 1998

“Queen Liliuokalani, last ruler of the Hawaiian kingdom, abdicated on January 24, 1895. She remained in her residence with family and supporters rather than attend the annexation ceremony at Iolani Palace on August 12, 1898.” 


Overthrow of the Monarchy 1893


(Courtesy of Hawai`i State Archives)

Photo of President Dole and Crowd at Iolani Palace

“Queen Liliuokalani surrendered under protest to a new provisional government on January 17, 1893. President Sanford B. Dole declared the Republic of Hawaii on July 4, 1894. Dr. Sun’s Third Visit (Oct. 1894-Jan. 1895) was to the Republic of Hawai`i.” 


Annexation of Hawaii by U.S.A. 1898

Annexation of Hawaii by U.S.A. 1898 “America’s Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 applied to Hawai`i when it became a U.S. territory.”