Second Visit: November 1884 – April 1885


After Sun Mei found out Sun was baptized in Hong Kong he asked Sun Yat-sen to return to Hawaii.  Sun Mei had given Sun Yat-sen half of is wealth and registered properties under Sun Yat-sen name, hoping his brother would do business with him.  During this trip in 1884, Sun Mei asked Sun Yat-sen to transfer the properties back to Sun Mei name and said he would have nothing to do with him and that Sun Yat-sen would have to support himself from then on. Sun Yat-sen good friend Rev. Francis Damon raised $300 for Sun Yat-sen journey back to China.  Sun Yat-sen's childhood friend from Iolani CK Ai also gave his entire monthly salary $5 to Sun Yat-sen for his trip.