Articles on Dr. Sun & Hawaii by selected Hawaii authors


Selected Works by Hawai`i Authors

“Sun Yat-sen’s Christian Schooling in Hawai`i” by Irma Tam Soong

in The Hawaiian Journal of History 31 (1997): 151-178.

“Financing Revolution: Sun Yat-sen and the Overthrow of the Ch’ing Dynasty” by Allen F. Damon.

in The Hawaiian Journal of History 25 (1991): 161-186

“SUN YAT-SEN IN HAWAII: ACTIVITIES AND SUPPORTERS” by Yansheng Ma Lum and Raymond Mun Kong Lum

a summary of the book (University of Hawai`i Press, forthcoming) on his life and activities from 1878-1910

Sun Yat-Sen The Man and the Myth: A Humanities Guide

articles published for a public program funded by a grant from the Hawai`i Committee for the Humanities, October 1991