Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation donated Sun Yat-sen statue at the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park

Dr. Sun Yat-sen statue in Hawaii

“This is my Hawaii… here I was brought up and educated; and it was here that I came to know what modern, civilized governments are like and what they mean.”
– Dr. Sun Yat-sen

In 1879, at the age of thirteen, Sun Yat-sen came to Hawaii from Zhongshan, China.  It was here in Honolulu, that he spent many of his teenage years growing up and being educated.  China’s first revolutionary society the Xing Zhong Hui (Revive China Society) was organized in Hawaii in 1894.  Sun Yat-sen went on to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and establish a democratic China in 1911.  The dedication of this statue recognizes the sacrifice and support of the people of Hawaii in nurturing the roots of “Modern China” and its Founding Father.
– The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation
November 12, 2007

On November 12,2007 the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park was dedicated in Honolulu, Hawaii commemorating the support and influence that the people of Hawaii had on the life of Dr. Sun.

To Honor of the occasion, the Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation commissioned “A School Boy in Hawaii”, a Bronze statue created by Master Chu Tatshing, depicting Dr. Sun at age thirteen.

The statue was made possible by the following Benefactors:

Sun Yat-sen Statue Benefactors

Warren and Carolyn Luke 陸關祺及陸程惠君
Chung Kun Ai Foundation / City Mill Co., Ltd. 鍾工宇基金會,實地美爐公司
Walter Chee Kwon Chun, Yen Chun and family 陳志昆,陳燕及家属
United Chinese Society of Hawaii 夏威夷中華總會館
Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii 夏威夷中華總商會
Hawaii National Bank 夏威夷國家銀行
Punahou School 普纳荷學校
Iolani School 意奥蘭尼學校
Lum Yip Kee, Limited 林業舉有限公司
Robert and Betty Wo 程康就及程朱桂新
Joanna Lau Sullivan 劉月初
Eddie and Peggy Eu 余經鎧及余馬碧潔
Rose Sun Tchang and Paul K. Tchang and Family 孫穗華,張家恭及家属
Suiying Sun Lin and Family 孫穗英及家属
Leigh-Wai and Linda Doo 杜利威先生及夫人
Jill and Sandy Friedman 郭敏尤
First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd. 夏威夷第一保險公司
First Hawaiian Bank 夏威夷第一銀行
Alan and Sylvia Ho 何浩濂及何梁小禾
Tai Yau Chung 程帝有
Freeman Foundation
Drs. S. Ghon Rhee and Rosita P.Chang 李相健博士及張平華博士
Sun Tse-Ping and Family & the Conara (USA) Inc. 孫治平及家属
Leland Sun and Family & the Kalaheo Inn 孫國雄及家属
Dr. Lawrence K.W. Tseu 鄒錦榮醫生
Bank of Hawaii 夏威夷銀行
Hawaii Teo Chew Associaiton 夏威夷潮州同鄉會
Association of Chinese From Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos 夏威夷越棉寮華人聯誼會
Daniel and Evelyn Lau – 劉寶檀及劉余美金

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